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Tough Decisions!!!

How to make the tough decisions

Life is about choices. Some good and some bad. Some are small, and some are big. Some, like what we choose to eat for breakfast, don’t seem to have a huge affect on our life, and yet some will impact us for eternity.

When it comes to making the big decisions, how do you choose the one that will keep you in the will of God. This especially becomes difficult when we have two choices that both look good and yet we have no clear direction of which way to go.

In 2 Samuel 7, we find David desiring to build a house for God. He ask God’s prophet Nathan for his thoughts and he agrees. Later that night Nathan has a vision from God that tells him to tell David that it is not his task to build a house for God, but that it will be for one of his sons to do.

From this story we can see five truths that will help us make the hard decisions.

  1. Every choice we make must line up with God’s word. For David it was God speaking through Nathan. For us it is the Word of God.

  2. Seek advice from God’s people. Those whom we trust. Those who have a faithful walk with God.

  3. What do the circumstances say? David thought His said yes, but God was moving in another direction.

  4. Be patient and let the hand of God move. If you truly want to know God’s will, He will show you. David desired to please God, so God showed him the direction to go.

  5. Finally, make the decision with the information you have on hand. There comes a time when you must decide, but as someone once said “the moment of absolute certainty rarely ever comes”.

Oh, if we could all be like David. When Nathan told him God said no, David humbly bowed to God’s holy will.

Pastor Chris Heppding

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